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Monthly News For The GCB Newsletter For The Month Of February 2015

  • 06 students of Tolani Institute of pharmacy actively participated in National program of Polio Eradication from 22-24/02/15. They worked at the grass root level by administering the dose to children in various areas of Gandhidham. The students who took part in this program are Chhibaiya Jagdish, Prajapati Manish, Chaudhary Girish, Chaudhary Prabhu, Ahir Murji, Jat Mohammed, Jagdish Bhanashi and Mali Naresh.
  • Campus placements were arranged by Sterling Ramakrishna Hospitals, Gandhidham for the post of hospital pharmacist organized at the institute on 23/02/2015. Six students participated and all the students got selected.
  • On 15-16/02/2015, Mr. Bhupendra Modi, Lecturer, TIP presented a review paper on the topic – Importance of food : outlook of Ayurveda at International seminar on “Holistic Living – an Indian perspective” held at R R Lalan college, Bhuj; managed by education department. The same article is selected for publication in International journal – Recent thought vaicharik prabhavo (ISSN 2278-4594).
  • Mr. Bhupendra Modi published two review articles in International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Biosciences. The title of the two articles are “Indian kino – a review” and “Phytochemistry of calotropis – Gigan tea – a review”.
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Richa Dayaramani attended the 1st convene of APTI Rajasthan (RAJAPTICON-15) on 13-14th Feb, 2015. She made a poster presentation of her research work and won the Best Poster presentation award.
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Richa Dayaramani published her original research paper in International Journal of Pharma and Biosciences (ISSN 0975-6299, impact factor 2.958). Her paper is titled as “Cost effective and simple method for routine analysis of Zidovudine and Lamivudine in tablet dosage form by RP-HPLC”. With this she has now a total of five research papers published in international journals to her credit.
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Richa Dayaramani got recognized as a PhD supervisor for PhD/M.Pharm courses by University of PAHER, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Monthly News For The GCB Newsletter For The Month Of January 2015

  • On 8th Jan, 2015, a Poster competition and Rangoli competition was held at Tolani Institute of Pharmacy under campus cleanliness drive. The theme of the event was “Stay Clean Stay Healthy”. The results are as under:

    Event Rank Winners
    Poster Competition First Neha Badole and team
    Second Sonu Goswami and team
    Third Sonal Joshi and team, Arjun Makwana and team
    Rangoli Competition First Neha Badole
    Second Mital Mangaliya
    Third Bhoomi Thacker
  • The students team of TIP performed very well at the inter collegiate Kabbadi tournament and secured 4th position. Yasin Lohar and Sonu Goswami gave a good fight to the opponent team and their sportsmanship spirit was appreciated by all. The event held on 10.01.2015 at Gopal Stadium.
  • First aid services were rendered by the students of TIP under the escort ship of Mr. Bhupendra Modi, Lecturer, at all the events of Tolani Inter collegiate sports tournaments.

  • On 13.01.2015 the students of TIP participated in National program of Polio eradication in association with IMA Rambaug Government Hospitals. The students were trained by Mr. Viraj Suthar, MPHW supervisor and Mr. Bhanuprasad Joshi, pharmacist and ex student of TIP who conducted sessions on cold chain management for OPV, record keeping, overall duties and work round up for the entire program. From 18 – 20th Jan, 2015, 32 students of TIP rendered their services in National program for polio eradication. The services of students and staff of TIP was appreciated by Urban Medical Officer, Gandhidham and Bolck health officer, Gandhidham.

  • On 13.01.2015, two students namely Nakum Kaushik and Thacker Bhoom Maheshbhai participated in Tolani Intercollegiate chess tournament held at Tolani Institute of Management Studies.
  • On 16.01.2015, all the students of FY and SY participated in the spiritual awareness program and speech by Sarwasthanandji Maharaj, president, Sri Ramkrishna Ashram, Rajkot at Prabhudarsha auditorium.
  • On 17.01.2015, Mr. Bhupendra Modi took a training session for the SY D Pharm students on the topic “How to face an interview?”
  • Interview for campus placement for final year D Pharm students was conducted by Rusan Pharma Ltd., KASEZ, Gandhidham.
  • A drawing competition was held on 30.01.2015, on the occasion of Martyrs Day. The theme of the event was Mahatma Gandhi and cleanliness. Cleanliness oath and a motivational lecture was given by Dr. Richa Dayaramani to the staff and students. 14 students took part in the event and the results are as under:
    Rank Name of student
    First Prajapati Manishkumar M
    Second Neha Badole
    Third Makwana Twinkle P

    The winner entries were sent to the Nodal officer Mr. P N Rawal for further proceedings.

Monthly News For The GCB Newsletter For The Month Of December 2014

  • On 3RD Dec, 2014 a freshers’ party was organized by the students of S Y D Pharm as a welcome gesture to the F Y Students. The students and staff enjoyed various games, songs and dances followed by light refreshment snacks.
  • On 5th December, 2014, the students of S Y D Pharm of Tolani Institute of Pharmacy were taken to Rambaug Hospital, Adipur for practical learning of hospital functions. The students observed cold chain maintenance system for vaccines, dispensing procedure of drugs, Ayurvedic dispensary system, pharmacy store system, pathology OPD and IPD and other ancillary areas. Dr. Joanwal C C, urban health officer having 25 years of experience, Gandhidham demonstrated the cold chain maintenance of vaccines and answered various queries of the students. Dr. Richa Dayaramani and Mrs.Amita Patel escorted the students.

  • Thallasaemia detection camp was organized for the students of Tolani Institute of Pharmacy on 8th December, 2014 in association with Lioness Club of Gandhidham. An awareness lecture on Thallasaemia was delivered by Lioness Neha Vora to the students and informed them about the various facets of the disorder. 29 students were screened for Thallasaemia and out of them 2 were found positive for Thallasaemia minor. Dr. Richa Dayaramani and Mr. Bhupendra Modi organized the camp from institute side.

  • On occasion of birthday of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 25th December observed as ‘Good Governance Day’ in the whole nation, oratory skill competition was held at the institute on 24th Nov, 2014. The students presented their talks on various topics and the results are as mentioned below:

    Rank Name of Student Topic
    First Joshi Sonal Rajeshbhai Drug abuse – a curse to society
    Second Thakkar Abhishek Dineshbhai Youth – power of a nation
    Third Neha Badole Teacher – our true guide
    Third Thacker Bhoomika Maheshbhai Geeta – relevance in modern India

    Mrs. Amita Patel and Mr. Bhupendra Modi organized the event.

    • Dr. Richa Dayaramani presented a review paper on ‘Smart Polymers – breakthrough in drug delivery systems’ in SERB sponsored National seminar on “Innovations in drug delivery: getting drugs to their targets in body” held at Nootan Pharmacy college, S K Patel Campus, Visnagar, on 29-30th December, 2014. She also participated in GUJCOST sponsored one day national seminar entitled “Innovations in drug delivery: from materials to devices” held on 30th December at Nootan Pharmacy college, S K Patel campus, Visnagar.

    Monthly News For The GCB Newsletter For The Month Of November 2014

    • On 11th Nov, 2014 an elocution competition was held on the occasion of celebration of birth anniversary of Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad as National Education Day. The topic of elocution was “Importance of education”. Students of F Y and S Y participated in the elocution. Thakkar Abhishek Dineshkumar (F Y D) was adjudged 1st, Joshi Sonal Rajeshbhai (S Y D) was adjudged 2nd and Neha Badole ( F Y D) was adjudged as 3rd rank.

    • A demonstration of 108 emergency services was done by GVK – EMRI personnel on 21st Nov, 2014. The students and staff of TIP actively interacted with the demonstrators Mr. Deepak Patel and Mrs. Swati who explained the need, importance and effectiveness of 108 emergency services. The students got to enhance their knowledge regarding – how to render first aid in case of fractures, heart attacks, cardiac arrest, shock and related conditions. They demonstrated medical equipments like Pulse oxymeter, ECG machine, Sphygmomanometer, various bandages, ventilator, emergency delivery kit etc.
    • Parents - teachers meeting was held on 26th Nov, 2014 at the college premises. The parents were given feedback regarding the performance of their wards. Feedback was taken from their side for effective functioning of the institute and efficient teaching – learning process.

    Newsletter For The Month Of September 2014

    Monthly News For The GCB Newsletter For The Month Of January 2014

    • On 25.09.2013 Pharmacist day was observed with pomp and joy by the students and staff of Tolani institute of Pharmacy. The students conducted various informative speeches, displayed posters, rangoli and mementos to the guests who beheld the celebrations. G.C.B. President Madam Anjana Hazari, Campus director Mr. Laxman Daryani and Administrator Mr. H K Kripalani also graced the celebration activities.
    • On 28.11.2013 an essay competition was organized by Shri Ram Krishna Ashram, Rajkot on account of 150th Birth Anniversary celebration. The students of F Y And S Y participated and Ms. Maya Chotara of F Y D Pharm secured the first prize.
    Chotara Maya J | DT. 05-12-2012
    • An essay competition was held to commemorate the birthday of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, eminent scholar and great leader by recalling Maulana’s contributions to the cause of education.

      The following students were ranked as:

    1st Chotara Mayaben
    2nd Khander Meet
    3rd Makwana Twinkle and Thackker Twinkle
    • Thallasaemia detection camp was organized in collaboration with Lioness club of Gandhidham for the students of TIP on 29.11.2013. A lecture was conducted by Lioness Neha Vora to create awareness among students for the Thallasaemia disorder. 17 students of F Y D Pharm were screened for the same.
    • The student of S Y D Pharm welcomed the F Y D Pharm by giving a fresher’s party on 06.12.2013.

      They conducted various games, songs and introductory session of F Y students. Ms. Makwana Twinkle and Mr. Khander Meet of F Y D Pharm were adjudged as Ms and Mr. Fresher.
    • Mrs Manisha Sodha underwent a one week and Dr. (Mrs.) Richa Dayaramani and Mr. B S Modi underwent two weeks training at B K Modi Government Pharmacy College, Rajkot during 11.11.2013 to 23.11.2013. The training was in the form of a Summer Winter School under the sponsorship of AICTE, New Delhi.

    • In the inter collegiate chess tournament organized by Tolani Institute of Law on 19.12.2013, Mr. Shyam Thacker of F Y D Pharm secured the fifth position.

    Monthly News For The GCB Newsletter For The Month Of February 2014

    • On 03.01.2014 TIP staff and students participated in inter collegiate cricket tournament held at Gopal stadium.
    • TIP students Ms. Joshi Sonal and Ms. Joshi Gayatri stood third in Tolani Inter collegiate Girls doubles Badminton tournament held on 04.01.2014.
    • TIP students joined in a rally held on 11.01.2014 to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Route of the rally was from TCC to TCAS.
    • TIP students participated in National pulse polio eradication program from 19th Jan’14 to 21st Jan ’14
    • Ms. Joshi Sonal participated in elocution competition organized by department of Police, East Kutch and Tolani Vidya Mandir on 20th Jan’ 14. The topic for the same was “How I Visualize Police Service? “
    • TIP participated in Educational Vocational Guidance Fare held at K.S.K.V. Kutch University, Bhuj organized by Adani Foundation, Mundra during 23rd Jan’ 14 to 26th Jan’14. Total 7000 students were given career oriented guidance. Honorable Higher Education minister Shree Bhupendarasinh Chudasama, Shree Harshadbhai Patel Collector, Kutch, Dr. Nimaben Acharya MLA Bhuj, visited our stall.

    Monthly News For The GCB Newsletter For The Month Of March 2014

    • TIP participated in the second Inter collegiate Athletic Meet held at Gopal stadium on 05.02.2014. The students participated in various competitions like shot put, discus throw, long jump, track events etc. The event was organized by TIC.
    • The students of TIP viz., Thacker Shyam (FYD) and Kalet Sachin (SYD) participated in elocution competition organised by Tolani Vidyamandir, mamlatdar office Gandhidham in association with Bharat Vikas Parishad on 07/02/14. The topic of the elocution was “Bharat ke sarvajanik vikas mein yuva matdaro ka yogdaan”.
    • On 18/02/14, 19 students participated in essay competition conducted by Tolani vidyamandir and Ramakrishna ashram, Rajkot on the topic – “As a youth how can you contribute to the society”
    • A series of guest lectures on accountancy was conducted by Prof. T K Chaudhary, faculty TIC, from 17.02.14 to 22.02.14. This would help the students of diploma pharmacy in managing the drug store and also in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • 6 students of diploma pharmacy participated in national program of pulse polio for polio eradication from 23.02.14 to 25.02.14.
    • On 24.02.14 interviews for placement were arranged in association with Sahyadri hospitals, Gandhidham where in 3 students of TIP were shortlisted for the personal interview.
    • A farewell event was organized by students of FY D Pharm as a token of gratitude and wishing good luck to the students of SY D Pharm. The event was supplemented with dances, fun quiz and fun awards and was enjoyed by the students and staff of the institute.

    Pharmacy Council Of India (New)

    Standard Inspection Format (S.I.F) for institutions conducting D. Pharm course (To be filled and submitted to PCI by an organization seeking approval of the Course / continuation of the approval)

    Academic Activities

    • The students of FYD and SY Pharm had a tour to government botanical garden in Reladi gram, near Bhuj. The students had a chance to examine visually various medicinal plants like giloy, guggal, senna, shankhpushpi, amla, karanj, chakramard, vinca, aloevera, vasaka, garmalo etc.

      They also visited the Parle Products Ltd. Company at Shekhpir, Bhuj on 18.12.2012. Mr Bhupendra Modi and Mrs. Amitaben Patel escorted the students.
    • State level essay competition was organised by Ramkrishna Mission, Vivekananda memorial, Vadodara on 11.01.2013. Out of 995 essays from different colleges of Gujarat, 100 were shortlisted as the best ones in which the essay submitted by Ms. Oza Pooja Ashok kumar was selected in the best 50 essays. She received a certificate along with a prize. Her topic was “The problems of modern youth and Swami Vivekananda”.
    • A workshop on “Self awakening of youth” program was conducted by the teaching staff of TIP namely Mrs R. A Dayaramani, Mrs. A H Patel and Mr. B S Modi on 02.02.2013. 34 students participated in the workshop.

    Results 2012-13

    In Gujarat Technological university summer exam May 2013, the result for First year and second year Diploma in Pharmacy is as given below:


    First position - Ms. Deval Charan with CPI 8.10
    Second position was grabbed by Ms. Moncy Mathew with CPI 8.02

    Overall result – 57.89% which is highest in Rajkot zone and second highest in university

    First position - Ms. Hinal Thakkar with CPI 7.56

    Overall result – 6.25% which is highest in Rajkot zone and second highest in university

    Social Activities

    • On 2nd January, 2013, the staff and students of Tolani institute of pharmacy took active participation in march past for SAFE SOCIETY for creating awareness towards social security of women in India and abroad as a sign of sensitivity towards the shameful incident of Delhi gang rape victim.
    • Thallasaemia testing camp was organised in association with Lioness club of Gandhidham for the students of Tolani Institute of pharmacy on 07.01.2013.
    • In lieu of National polio eradication programme conducted by Ministry of Health, Government of India, training was received by 12 students of Tolani institute of Pharmacy on 17.01.2013 by the expert Dr. Sweetie Bhatti, urban medical officer, Rambaug, Adipur. The students of TIP provided a selfless service in two rounds of national polio pulse progamme from 20.01.2013 to 22.01.2013 and from 24.02.2013 – 26.02.2013.
    • National voters’ day was observed by the staff and students of TIP on 25.01.2013 and voters’ pledge was taken by our new voters.
    • On 21.02.2013, Gandhi vichar exhibition motivated by Gujarat sarvodaya mandal and Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad organised by Gram Swaraj Sangh, Nilpar, taluka Rapar Kachchh, was conducted at the institute.

    Cultural Events

    • The students of first year and second year D. Pharm had a gala time as the SY D Pharm threw a welcome party for the fresher students on 22.08.2012.
    • Various days like chocolate day, gift day, sports day followed by a DJ party was organised by the students of FYD and SYD students from 26.12.2012 to 31.12.2012.
    • A farewell party was organised by the students of FY as a commemoration to SY students on 09.03.2013. Various games and competitions were held for the students as well as for the staff members those were enjoyed by all with pomp.

    Alumni Association Activities

    • Guest lecture on the topic “Road from campus to becoming a successful leader” was organised by the TIP alumni association in association with IPCA Labs, KASEZ, Gandhidham. The lecture was a motivating effort for the students and helped in interacting with the industry personnel. Mr. Pragnesh Pathak, GM Operations along with Mr. Himanshu H R Manager conducted the session.
    • Series of guest lectures was conducted at the institute from 08.03.2013 to 15.03.2013 by Prof. T K Chaudhary of Tolani Institute of Commerce, Adipur on the subject of accountancy in pharmacy. This was done under the TIP alumni association.

    Sports Activities

    • Tolani Institute of Pharmacy hosted Tolani Inter College volley ball tournament on 22.10.12 under the Tolani Vidyamandir Sports Tounaments 2012. Tolani commerce college, Adipur won the trophy defeating Tolani Institute of Commerce in the final round.
    • Students of Tolani Institute of Pharmacy actively participated in various athletic events in Tolani Vidyamandir Sports Tounaments 2012. They took part in running, relay race, shotput throw and long jump events and displayed true sportsmanship spirit of participation.


    Mrs. Manisha N Sodha was appointed as In-charge Principal with effect from 1st November, 2011. She is a lecturer, selection grade serving the institute since last 15 years.

    Mrs. M N Sodha

    PHD. Laurels

    Mrs. Richa A Dayaramani acquired the degree of doctorate in philosophy from Ganpat Vidyanagar, Mehsana, Gujarat on 17th Feb, 2012 under the guideship of Dr. P U Patel. The topic of her research is “Development and validation of analytical methods for antiviral nucleoside analogues in bulk and in their formulation.” She completed the doctorate in duration of four years.

    Dr. (Mrs.) Richa Dayaramani


    Mrs. Richa Dayaramani and Mr. B S Modi completed the Phase II induction training conducted by NITTTR, Bhopal at TFGP from 9th to 20th Jan, 2012.

    Dr. (Mrs.) Richa Dayaramani
    Mr. B S Modi

    Inspections And Approvals

    • PCI (Pharmacy Council Of India) inspection was held at the institute on 8th August, 2011 by Dr. H M Kadam and Mr. P A Jadhav from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth, Pune.
      The institute is provided with PCI approval till 2013-2014.
    • GTU surprise inspection and LIC inspection was carried out on 17th April, 2012 by Mr. M A Aghera and Mr. S D Sanjha from B K Modi Govt. Pharmacy college Rajkot. The inspectors have recommended the institute for GTU affiliation and subsequent approval.
    • On line AICTE approval process was successfully completed and the institute is approved by AICTE for running the Diploma Pharmacy course till the year 2012-2013.


    A farewell party was hosted for Mr. Ishwarlal Advani, Incharge principal, on 19th October, 2011 by the staff members. Everybody wished him good luck and good health as he got retired. He retired after his long service of 26 years.
    Mr. Advani handed over the charge to Mrs. M N Sodha, senior lecturer.

    Farewell to Mr.I D Advani, In-charge Principal for retirement on 19th October, 2011.

    New Equipments Procured

    On 19th October, 2011 RO water plant was installed at the college premises. This was donated by Lioness club of Gandhidham.

    Installation of RO water plant donated by Lioness club of Gandhidham on 19th Oct, 2011.

    Cultural Events

    From 26th Dec to 31st Dec, 2011 all the students of Tolani Institute of Pharmacy celebrated and enjoyed various days like Rose day, gift day, traditional day, chocolate day, mis-match day etc. A light and fun filled atmosphere was enjoyed by everybody as the year ended.

    Students celebrating gift day on 28th of December 2011.

    Students celebrating New Year eve on 31st of December 2011.

    On 9th February, 2012 the students and staff of the institute contributed voluntarily on the occasion of Armed Forces Flag Day the amount was sent to Gujarat Technological University.

    Social Activities

    A student of TIP after donating blood on 3rd Dec, 2011

    Thallesaemia detection camp was organized at the institute in association with Lioness club of Gandhidham on 3rd Dec, 2011. 21 students were screened for the presence of Thallesaemia and 2 students were reported to be Thallesaemia minor. The affected students were counseled and guided for family screening and future cautions.

    A student of TIP undergoing Thallesaemia detection on 3rd Dec, 2011

    Industrial, Educational And Brainstorming

    Herbal and medicinal plants exhibition was conducted on 10th October, 2011 at Shri R P Patel Gujarat Vidyalaya, Adipur. More than 200 drug samples were displayed and the staff of the institute explained the importance of herbal drugs and medicinal plants to the visitors. Around 700 students and city public visited the event. The exhibition received appreciation from the visitors.

    Herbal exhibition at R P Patel Gujarat Vidyalaya, Adipur on 10th Oct, 2011.

    16 students of S Y D Pharm visited IPCA Laboratories in KASEZ, Gandhidham on 1st December, 2011. The students were escorted by Mr. B S Modi, Lecturer, TIP. The industrial visit was informative to the students as they had a chance to see the actual working and the equipments and machinery in person.

    Industrial tour at IPCA Lab, KASEZ, on 1st Dec, 2011

    27 students of Tolani Institute of Pharmacy participated in the training program with respect to National program of Polio Eradication on 7th Feb, 2012. Dr. Joseph Kherani – urban medical officer, Rambaug hospital, Adipur; trained the students on the topic.

    Twenty four students of TIP visited Sterling Hospital, Adipur on 13th and 14th February 2012, under the practical visit to a hospital to view the actual hospital set up and study the various activities being carried out at a hospital.

    27 students of Tolani Institute of Pharmacy participated in the National program of Polio Eradication from 19th Feb till 21st Feb, 2012. They rendered their voluntary services and were awarded by certificates by Rambaug hospital, Adipur as appreciation to their spirits and services towards healthcare.

    A student of TIP administering Polio drops in National program of Polio Eradication from 19th - 21st February, 2012.

    A series of guest lecture was conducted from 22nd to 25th February, 2012 at the institute premises on accountancy in pharmacy profession. The lectures were conducted by Prof T K Choudhary, faculty Tolani Institute of Commerce, Adipur.

    Prof. T K Choudhary delivering guest lecture on accountancy in pharmacy

    Emergency Ambulance service 108 by Gujarat Government personnel demonstrated resuscitation techniques for casualty patients. The staff members and students attended the session on “How to render First Aid” on 22nd Mar, 2012. Shree Ishwardan Gadhvi - District Operations Executive 108 emergency services gave a classroom lecture and his staff demonstrated the practical skills of rendering first aid. Various equipments, medicines and healthcare facilities like pulse oxymeter, sphygmomanometer, electro cardio gram, oxygen supply procedure were demonstrated to the staff and the students.

    Prajapati Kailashben Ambalal of S Y D Pharm was selected for best 100 essays out of 1200 essays submitted on the occasion of 150th Birth anniversary celebrations of Swami Vivekananda. The competition was held by Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda Memorial, Vadodra on 23rd March, 2012. The given topic was “The problem of modern India and Swami Vivekananda”. She was awarded with acertificate and a set of books as prize.


    A Campus interview was held by Rusan Pharma KASEZ, Gandhidham at TIP on 5th May, 2012. Senior officials from various departments conducted the interview and out of all the students 9 were shortlisted by a written test for personal interview and 4 students were selected.

    A student of TIP being interviewed by senior official from Rusan Pharma KASEZ , in the campus interview held on 5th May 2012.

    Results 2012

    GTU Exam April 2012


    Tolani institute of pharmacy has attained FIRST POSITION IN ZONE and FIFTH IN UNIVERSITY.
    Four students have achieved CPI more than 7.
    The top rankers are:

    1. Girach Tazenoori Mohammad Bashir - 7.48 CPI

    2. Siju Prakash Ladhubhai – 7.37 CPI

    BET Exam 2012

    100% students who appeared for BET exam 2012 have qualified in the exam. Out of these 3 students managed to secure B Pharm seats in Govt./ Grant in aid institutes. These meritorious students are (in order of their merit):

    1. Meriya Bhavesh
    2. Patel Vaishali
    3. Patel Sunita

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