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Anti Ragging Committee
Anti Ragging Committee

Ragging is strictly prohibited in Tolani Institute of Pharmacy , both inside and outside the campus and anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting ragging whether actively or passively, or being a part of conspiracy to promote ragging, is liable to be punished in accordance with the above stated references. The Tolani Institute of Pharmacy is committed to follow all regulations and guidelines promulgated by the PCI and other higher authorities and will not permit or condone any incident of ragging in any form and will take all necessary and required measures to achieve the objective of eliminating ragging, within the campus or outside.

The Institute has constituted the Anti-ragging committee to take immediate and stringent action against those found guilty in accordance with the said regulations.

The Anti-ragging Committee is functional with Principal, Lecturer, ASI, Media Representative, Student representatives and Parent representatives.


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